Today’s cricket is all about all-rounds, says Ishan Kishan’s coach Uttam

How often do you see a cricket team winning a tournament without an all-rounder? Not so often at all. It is perhaps unthinkable to have a team without an all-rounder, and Ishan Kishan’s childhood coach Uttam Mazumdar can’t agree more. He said that Ishan’s skill set is also wicket-keeping other than smashing the ball all over the park. “He is a pocket dynamite,” Uttam said while talking to SGTV’s YouTube channel.

“Today cricket is all about all-rounders. We know Ishan as a wicket-keeper, but we didn’t see him behind the stumps for a long time till in the recent match. He showed a lot of confidence behind the stumps. He is a natural wicket-keeper, and he is a different player once he is doing both as a wicket-keeper and batsman,” Uttam said while talking about the importance of all-rounders in the team.

Then he added: “Ishan has a Dhoni Bhai touch to his style of cricket. They are both from Jharkhand and have a lot in common. If you are keeping well behind the stumps, it will automatically come in handy when you are batting.”

So, how to get out from purple patches? Uttam tells his favorite student Ishan to keep it simple all the time. “I keep telling Ishan to keep calm. Ups and downs would be there, but you can’t be thinking negatively. Your basics should be good, and always try to play your natural game,” Uttam said.

Is he ready to give us more Ishan Kishan? “I am working hard towards it. Like everyone when I see talents, I get excited like the way I felt when I saw Ishan for the first time,” Uttam added.

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