• SG Carbofab Cricket Helmet

    • Lightweight shell just over 550 gms
    • Carbon outer shell – because of its high flexural strength gives tremendous impact resistance
    • Polystyrene inner shell – because of good dimensional stability dissipates and absorbs shocks across the entire shell
    • Strategically placed Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam pads with ventilated airflows known for high durability and sturdiness even at low-temperatures. Is the best available material to withstand impact without cracking or breaking
    • Ergonomically designed steel visor for maximum safety and individual personalised fit
    • Twin-featured inner fabric made of high sweat absorbing material with special mesh that assists in faster sweat evaporation
    • Washable sweat bands for extra protection, comfort and better fitting
    • High Quality multiple layered rear protection system for better fitting and comfort
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