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  • Pitch covers

    Fully Galvanised
    Fully welded & galvanised gutters with outlet at each end
    260mm wheels, two fixed and two swivel on each frame, mounted on 6 mm wheel plates
    Axles are manufactured from 60 x 60 x 3mm box section
    Main support bar are double span and manufactured from 20 x 20 x 1.5mm box section
    Intermediate support bars are manufactured from 40mm x 40mm x 3mm
    Flexible hose and Geka fittings included
    630gsm PVC cover tops (choice of colour tops blue white and green)
    Logo if required (optional)
    Side flaps covering 30 m inner circle (optional)



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  • Fixed netting system

    • Cost effective netting system with multiple customisation options.
    • Post manufactured using high quality galvanised metal. (Power coating optional).
    • Vertical and horizontal curtain system available.
    • Top quality net used.
    • Kit supplied keeping self installation in mind.
    • Collapsible space saving option  also available on request.
    • Overall size: 13.3 ft high x 12 ft wide.
    • Available: Multiple bay systems
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  • Collapsible posts kit

    Round metal pipe each of 3 feet length x3.
    Smart pipe interlocking system x2.
    Rust resistant coating on pipes.
    High tensile wires x2.
    Nickel plated pegs x2.
    Quality tests snap hooks x2.
    Uses and benefits:
    perfect to create removable cage for net practise.
    For catching/fielding practises.
    To stand a temporary sight screen.
    Ball stopping during play.
    Easy to install and dismantle.
    Space saving product construct and design.

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  • Lay Flat Pitch Cover

    • Premium quality double coated fabric with UV stability
    • Complying to international standard of tear , tensile, breakage and waterproofing.
    • Available with rust resistant eyelets and loop for easy mobility.
    • Available in green , grey , and blue colour
    • Can be customised to various sizes
    • Variants: 630GSM, 550GSM, 380GSM, 270GSM
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  • Cricket Nets

    • Premium nets with colour stability.
    • Available in 2.5mm height.
    • Box section of 20 mm to 40 mm.
    • High tear and tensile strength.
    • Variants : professional cricket net  , Economy cricket net
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  • Artificial Grass Cricket Wicket

    • Artificial grass manufactured using strong fibres and double layered backing suited for cricket.
    • Highly durable with warranty of three years.
    • Natural playability with support for spin , bounce  and skid effects.
    • Extremely low maintenance and easy installation.
    • Available in roll dimensions: 2m x 1om , 4m x 10m , 4m x 20m
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  • Cricket Acrylic Wicket

    • Engineered to enhance player’s performance in different playing condition.
    • Artificial cricket wicket with its low friction and cushioned top greatly preserves the life span of the ball.
    • Less maintenance required.
    • No effect of hard weather on the nature of wicket.
    • High comfort level with cushioned shock pad absorbing impact of bowlers front foot on delivery stride, allowing a smooth follow through.
    • Long lasting due to non-abrassive surface finish and fibreglass reinforced layer.
    • Length available – 40ft., Width available – 10ft., Thickness – 5mm
    • Surface option- pace or spin
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  • Boundary Rope Winder

    • High quality rope winder made from heavy duty galvanised steel.
    • Power coated (optional)
    • Double Rope Winder has two independent drums on bearings so each rope can be wound or unwound separately.
    • Can easily be pushed and pulled by 1 person.
    • Two fixed and two swivel puncher proof wheels
    • Quality self lubricated 25mm bearings for ease of use and long product life
    • Comfortably holds 220m of rope
    • Variants : single Drum Rope Winder, Double Drum Rope Winder
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  • Manual Pitch Roller

    • High quality mild steel roller of dimension ranging from 12″ to 32″ diameter
    • Width of the roller is 3ft – 4ft
    • Inlet and outlet ports are provided on both side of the roller to fill water
    • Powder coated handle
    • Can easily be pushed and pulled by one person
    • High quality bearing provided on both sides for swift movement and long life
    • Available in 250 KG, 350 KG, 500 KG, 1 TON,1.5 TON
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  • Collapsible pitch covers

    8m length (26ft long x 12ft wide when expanded) (26ft long x 8ft wide when compressed)
    7.3 m length (23.5ft long x 12ft wide when expanded) (23.5ft long x 8ft wide when compressed)
    Galvanised metal pipes (zinc coated)
    630 gsm PVC cover tops
    Side covers with winch type rolling mechanism available
    Flexible hose pipes (gutter pipes)

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  • Sight Screen (ICC SPECIFIED)

    • Fully galvanised
    • Powder coated (optional)
    • Upright 60mm × 60mm × 3mm Box section
    • Board frame 40mm × 40mm × 4mm Box section
    • Base frame 100mm × 50mm × 3mm Box section
    • Main Beam 120mm × 60mm × 4mm Box section
    • Back braces 40mm × 40mm × 3mm Box section
    • Metal wheels 325mm × 200mm wide
    • Metal planks (perforated and plastic also available)
    • BZP Bolts with Nyloc nuts used throughout
    • 25mm bearing top and bottom
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  • Economy Practice Cage

    • Fully galvanised
    • Power coated (optional)
    • Constructed from 40mm x 40mm x 2mm box section
    • Top quality nets used
    • Puncture proof swivel and fixed wheels used
    • Bzp bolts with nyloc nuts used throughout
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