Return & Refund Policy

While we thank you for considering to purchase our products through our website, our assurance is to :

  • Provide a seamless experience as good as buying from an offline store
  • 100% genuine products
  • Largest available ex-stock range of products for delivery from our very own 75,000 sq ft factory warehouse

Accordingly, you’ll find our Shipping/ Returns & Exchange/ Cancellation/ Replacement policies below. Towards constant improvements that has been the halmark of SG all these years, these policies get improved, revised and upgraded from time to time, and we urge you to stop by and refer from time to time. While we’ll attempt to accommodate in best possible manner, current policies prevailing at time of your feedback may prevail.


We use third-party shippers and are hence governed by Terms & Conditions of such logistic partners.
Not compromising on quality, focus is to team up with reliable partners who are best in the industry with widest reach across India.
Shipping is free for orders over Rs. 500. Estimated amount charged for lesser amounts.
For Express deliveries, premium delivery charges will apply.
Our effort will be to ship out orders same day if received before 11 AM on any working day, which otherwise will be sent out over the next 2-3   working days.
Shipment details will be shared immediately on despatch for necessary tracking


SG prides itself in having the largest customer base of users — new as well as repeat, buying products manufactured and sold by any single cricket company worldwide with nearly 7500 pieces being shipped out daily.

This of course speaks volumes about the trust people have put in SG products and its customer service. There of course may be situations beyond our control where we may not be able to meet your expectations, in which case we will endeavour to set it right to the best of our abilities.

  • Any product not found to your satisfaction may be returned to us within 5 days of receipt with all packing/labels/tags exactly in as-received intact unused condition; and we’ll be happy to offer an exchange of same product or of similar value. Minor differential amount not amounting to 5% of value will be charged or refunded to your wallet.
  • As a goodwill gesture, no service/re-stocking fees will be charged. However, if returns become repititive, these charges may get levied.
  • Free reverse pickup for products over Rs 2000 from within India, or in cases of size change. Customer to bear return logistics otherwise.
  • Loss or damage of goods during return shipping will be buyer responsibility.
  • Company reserves the right to inspect and assess item returned for exchange; which if failing to meet above criteria may be sent back as-is.
  • We strongly recommend receiving Return Ticket ID from our team before initiating return for easier tracking, faster turnaround and minimal errors


Safeguard your ordered goods against transit damages

Do make an unboxing video while accepting deliveries to ensure you have received your goods in good shape, just the way you had imagined!


Of course we’re not happy when you cancel orders. But we do understand there are times these may be placed inadvertently, or there is a change of mind. Or perhaps your mum or dad won’t let you and we fully respect that.
Just to let you know there are Equated Monthly Instalment EMI options available which please do reconsider before canceling.
In our enthusiasm to keep the supply chain rolling so that customers get prompt deliveries, your order may have already been despatched before we receive your cancellation instructions. In such cases we may need you to bear one-way shipment charges. We’ll take care of the other half no worries !!
In case you beat us to cancelling your order before we ship it, we’ll be happy to cancel.
Do make sure to contact Mon-Sat 9 AM – 6 PM through phone/ whatsapp for cancellation. Emails are sometimes not fast enough. We’re off Sundays and National Holidays – no shipments, hence no cancellations on these days.


Our endeavor all these years – and many many more to come, is to supply products that meet quality norms that are the best in the industry.
Which gets a bit challenging when each piece is made by hand with majority materials being of 100% natural origin like wood, leather, cane, bamboo, cork, rubber etc.
Added to this is the fact the nature of the game of cricket is extremely volatile and unexpected.  Just imagine the scenario –

  • Ball made by hand of 100% natural materials hits bat, also made by hand of 100% natural material,
  • Speed, direction, length of the ball’s trajectory is uncertain,
  • Responded to by the batsman who’s recoil speed, direction and the trajectory are as much uncertain,
  • Impacted on the bat at no consistent or predictable spot,

And we have a huge potpourri of possibilities of gear not always staying on track !!


Most cases the bats do hold up despite all this banging around, but when sometimes they don’t, do consider the possibility that bat or manufacturer may not be at fault. Some bats can last a few seasons, some not even a few days. We do our best to assist in such cases but in no uncertain terms do we claim our bats are 100% guaranteed. Bear in mind the below –

  • Minor/superficial cracks on surface, edge, toe or shoulder is normal considering nature of usage
  • Bats used against bowling machines that use synthetic hard balls is a big no-no
  • Another big non-no is using bats in damp conditions. Or storing them similarly
  • Expensive bats don’t necessarily mean they’ll last longer. Or vice versa
  • Bats are happier with an extra layer of protection– self-adhesive tape for edges or face, rubber strip on toe. Both are sold by SG as an accessory
  • Break-in a bat nice and easy with a ball hammer or wood hammer — also sold by SG as an accessory. Or gently use in the nets for a couple of weeks before going all out in a game
  • Bat-knocking machines is not a great idea. These knock-in the bat at a consistent (and usually high) pressure than hand-knocking. Shoulder, handle wedge and blade edges need gentle knocking-in which machines don’t care about than can cause micro almost invisible cracks that start expanding over time
  • Stay away from inexpensive balls. These are comparatively hard that can lead to cracks, splits and breakages in the blade or handle
  • Bats hate yorker deliveries. Don’t get tempted with those if your bat means more to you than getting out or hitting a few runs
  • Bats are made to hit leather balls. Stay away from venting your anger out with them by hitting out at things (or people). Nor even banging down stumps to fix in the ground


Any sport that has a rock-solid missile hurtling at you at more than a hundred miles will produce “ouch” moments. Sometimes much more than that. The sport of cricket is one such game. If you’re worried about injuries, stick with playing cricket on the screen. And for the bravehearts, we do our best to minimise injuries, not eliminate them.
While we’re here to make sure your gear gives you many months of play, sometimes these handmade goodies ain’t able to stand up to the rigors of the game. Bear in mind the below —

  • If your protective gear splits at the stitches or rips anywhere over time, usually a repair gets it going. 2) However if it happens in initial few days of play  and doesn’t show mishandling or inappropriate use,  replacements can be considered
  • Wear and tear and extensive usage is not covered
  • Running around for those runs or diving like a wildcat can get your gear scraped/torn/split. Not much the gear can do in such cases
  • Nice to wipe clean your gear once in a while with a slightly moist white cloth, specially on white gear. After all, cricket’s a gentleman’s game and our gear should be looking fresh
  • For those who sweat a lot, it’ll be great if your sweaty gear is all dry before going back into the kitbag. Not only will this keep its neighborhood dry, but will prevent if from getting moldy if you’re not the daily types>br>
  • Big no-no is drying in direct sunlight. Always remember to dry in the shade to maintain its life and keep it supple.


  • We usually take full responsibility for recently-bought shoes showing symptoms of upper tearing, or stitches coming out, or sole coming apart, or the spikes ripping out if not showing signs of inappropriate use.
  • In all other cases, we’ll be happy to offer a repair
  • Over usage with normal wear-and-tear, some of the above may start showing at which means it’s time to get a new shoe
  • And even if shoes look good to go, it’s always a good idea to get a new pair (depending on usage), as heavy impacting of the shoe over tome makes the sole rigid reducing its ability to shock-absorb


Most of our helmets come from sources who’ve been making motorcycle helmets for years. So they’re actually designed for much more challenging impacts.
We’ve never had any issues with helmet quality. Why? Because helmets ARE supposed to crack on impact. They’re actually for single time use.
They crack because that’s their job. All helmets need to crack. To take it upon themselves than pass on the impact to the user. Some cracks show up because they’re big, microscopic ones don’t.
So get yourself a new helmet even after one impact, however minor the impact might be. Whether the crack shows or not.
Trust us – we’re concerned about your safety more than selling more helmets. Read about it. Talk to a pro.
Your grill breaks, fabric tears outside the shell or inside, chin guard or neck adjuster comes apart, buckle snaps – it’s rare, but if at all whenever it happens, give us a shout and we’ll fix it


Any tearing in fabric, stitches opening up, buttons ripping out, color runs shouldn’t happen when your apparel is new. We’ll gladly offer a replacement or refund, including return freight if fault is considered genuine.
All of the above in kitbags as well – additionally including straps, wheels, pullout trolley and zipper. We’ll try to fix it with a repair if possible, otherwise replacement or refund as above. Of course depending if it’s still relatively new and hardly used. Will not apply to inappropriate usage.


These are the guys who get banged around the most – ball after ball. For the entire length of the game. Not even a breather. Zero respite to rest and recover, though maybe inbetween overs provided they’re not getting bounced from one player to another.
We do our best to make them get through this all with their shape (and dignity) intact.  But considering the beating they get, they’re bound to wear-out and get outashape once in a while (like some of us too). However as long as they fall within the Go/No-go standards set by the ICC boys, they’re good to go until the Umpire decides otherwise.
Nevertheless, if you still feel you’ve been wronged and feel the ball should’ve performed differently, let us know and we’ll do our best to resolve.
So go – and just enjoy your cricket !! Leave your gear worries to the experts. We’ve been around more than 90 years now and with an ever growing customer base, we figure we must be doing something right !!