“Beyond Boundaries”

Greenlands is an outdoor brand from the house of SG — Sanspareils Greenlands, world’s largest manufacturer of cricket gear since 1931. We’ve been in business not only for the great products we make, but also the trust and reliability our customers have placed on as over the years, domestic and overseas.

Greenlands now brings you these exact values in their product offerings in functional and fashionable Backpacks, Rucksacks and Laptop bags with an amazing collection of over two dozen styles to choose from. The brand is driven by a bunch of professionals who’re as passionate about the outdoors as you. With a combined experience of over 100 years of the the outdoors — from designing and making outdoor gear, to running an adventure company that gets thousands explore the great outdoors, to a vivid outdoor enthusiast @ SG who’s brought this all together. We’ve got it covered — from first-hand experience !!

Just as with SG, the Greenlands team is driven by relentless pursuit of excellence in manufacturing and product designs, and keeping in mind affordability that brings optimum value for our outdoor community. Each Greenland bag comes with a 3-year product warranty. Like some of us who would not want to let go of our bags year after year, we offer refurbishing at a nominal cost.

At Greenlands, we believe every human being longs to explore and go beyond. We want to be a part of your journey and urge you to go ‘Beyond Boundaries’ — getting out of our comfort zones and exploring the wonderful world that lies beyond those boundaries.